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Routine Eye Exam

Our clinic carries all the latest contact lenses to help meet your needs, no matter your age. It is important to schedule a contact lens fitting if you are thinking of changing brands, because the fit and power can very between lenses.

Wearing something that is too tight or too loose can be dangerous for your eye health. And more often than not, your contact lens prescription will not be the same as your glasses prescription. Our optometrists can help find a contact lens that fits safely, comfortably, and achieves your desired visual results.

As contact lenses are a medical device, not just an accessory, we pride ourselves in proper care and wear of the lenses. Full eye examinations are recommended annually if you wear contacts, as there is an increased risk to ocular health in a contact lens wearer.  


Contact lens trainings

If you are a new contact lens wearer, a contact lens training is mandatory. The training involves a consultation with one of our optometrists to go over which lens choice will best suit your lifestyle.

hen one of our knowledgeable and patient technicians can help walk you through the proper care and handling of your new lenses.

Following the training, your optometrist will ensure the lenses are the proper fit and power, and make any adjustments from there. Appointment times vary from 30-60 minutes, so please contact our office if this is something you are interested in.

*Before we can do a contact lens training or fit, you will need to have a valid, up-to-date glasses prescription.

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